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Ticket Summary Status Owner Type Priority Milestone
#202 20% of release 1.0 audio collected new kmaclean task critical Acoustic Model 0.1.2
#289 Moving of audio to Main repository sometimes creates a directory within a directory new kmaclean defect major WebSite 0.2.1
#338 HDMan triphone counts new kmaclean enhancement major WebSite 0.2.1
#455 crop silence surrounding submissions new kmaclean enhancement major Acoustic Model 0.1.2
#491 anonymous-20081218-xdu.tgz has a two copies of itself in the tar file new kmaclean defect major
#137 Permit Uploads in a Variety of Formats new kmaclean enhancement minor SpeechSubmission 0.1.10
#141 Use Flac Audio Format For Archives Rather Than Wav new kmaclean defect minor WebSite 0.3
#503 problem with the special Spanish characters in the prompts new kmaclean defect minor
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