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#27 Can't commit files with a '.log' suffix to subversion kmaclean defect trivial Web Site 0.1-alpha
#9 Create new prompt files targeted towards Desktop Command and Control kmaclean enhancement minor Prompts 0.1-alpha
#20 Julian seems to run very slowly in Windows CygWin kmaclean defect minor Speech Rec Engine 0.1-alpha
#24 Does SPhinx require the same chunking of prompts/audio as HTK does? kmaclean task minor Prompts 0.1-alpha
#36 changeset 233 - maximum recursion depth exceeded in cmp kmaclean defect minor Web Site 0.1-alpha
#53 Create script to permit users to adapt the VoxForge Speaker Independent Acoustic Model kmaclean enhancement minor Acoustic Model 0.1-alpha
#141 Use Flac Audio Format For Archives Rather Than Wav kmaclean defect minor Audio 0.1-alpha
#8 Sphinx Acoustic Model creation tutorials kmaclean enhancement major Web Site 0.1-alpha
#11 Set up Bittorrent for Audio FIle Downloads kmaclean task major Web Site 0.1-alpha
#21 Scripts to Convert Acoustic Models from one format to another kmaclean defect major Acoustic Model 0.1-alpha
#52 Update How-to and Tutorial dictionnary to use CMU dictionnary kmaclean defect major Acoustic Model 0.1-alpha
#78 Acoustic Model Adaption using VoxForge MFCC files and user generated MFCCs kmaclean enhancement major Web Site 0.1-alpha
#363 Use Speech Recognition Standards like PLS and SSML kmaclean enhancement major Acoustic Model Website 0.2
#459 Audio CAPTCHA application kmaclean enhancement major Web Site Website 0.2
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