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Get Audacity to put a newly created audio track immediately after a selected label track.

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Audacity can display a VoxForge prompt file as a series of label tracks, but you cannot tell Audacity where to add an audio track - it always adds it at the very end. Not very user friendly if you have 30-40 prompts. Users would then need to drag the audio from the bottom of the page to immediately below the label track they just read (because having the audio immediately after the label file seems to be the easiest way to make sure there is some kind of link between the label track and the audio track).

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Looking at othe options: Macromedia Flash voice recorder or Java WebStart? or Applet

see this thread for details

Currently around 75% of visitors (who use cookies) have Java installed; and 95%+ (who use cookies) have some version of Flash installed

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Updated stats: around 90% of visitors (who use cookies) have Java installed; and 94% (who use cookies) have some version of Flash installed

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good article on the pros and cons of Java and Flash (using the Flex command line Dev Tool) by Bruce Eckel titled: How and Why AJAX, Not Java, Became the Favored Technology for RIAs

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Flash uses its own proprietary codec for audio called the Nellymoser Asao Codec. This codec is proprietary, although there was a bounty for an Open Source implementation of a compatible audio codec. I assume it uses compression, likely lossy ...

In addition, I am not sure if the Flash client can save non-Nellymoser audio on the user PC (let alone streaming it back to a server like the open source Red5 Flash server), and let the user upload the resulting audio file. Since we cannot change the Flash client, I am not sure that Flash is an option for VoxForge?.

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Nellymoser codec resources

flv2mp3 converts flv to mp3, it gets the raw audio data from the flash plugin by intercepting access to the computer's soundcard (/dev/dsp and /dev/mixer).

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XUL on Firefox or XULRunner might also be another option for a client.

XULRunner is a Mozilla runtime package that can be used to bootstrap XUL+XPCOM applications that are as rich as Firefox and Thunderbird. It will provide mechanisms for installing, upgrading, and uninstalling these applications. XULRunner will also provide libxul, a solution which allows the embedding of Mozilla technologies in other projects and products.

XUL (XML User Interface Language) is Mozilla's XML-based language that lets you build feature-rich cross platform applications that can run connected or disconnected from the Internet. These applications are easily customized with alternative text, graphics and layout so they can be readily branded or localized for various markets. Web developers already familiar with Dynamic HTML (DHTML) will learn XUL quickly and can start building applications right away. Open XUL Periodic Table in Firefox or another Gecko-based browser to see some XUL demos.

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no longer required - new Java Applet created for Speech Submission

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