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Opened 15 years ago

Signed Java Applets might be broken on Vista

Reported by: kmaclean Owned by: kmaclean
Priority: major Milestone: SpeechSubmission 0.1.8
Component: SpeechSubmission Version: SpeechSubmission 0.1
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see link Signed Java Applets broken on Vista

How does this affect an applet?

Operations on the file system and the registry are redirected to virtual stores using virtualization. So, when a process running inside IE (such as a Java applet) tries to create a file called say C:\Users\hrish\test.txt (assuming C is the system root drive) the file would actually get redirected to C:\Users\hrish\AppData?\Local\VirtualStore?\test.txt.


File f = new File(”C:\\Users\\hrish\\test.txt”);
boolean b = f.createNewFile();//Will succeed.
boolean e = f.exists();//Is true.

String path = f.getAbsolutePath();path will be C:\Users\hrish\test.txt.

But the actual file would be present in C:\Users\hrish\AppData?\Local\VirtualStore?\test.txt

Firefox is not affected by this, because it has no equivalent of protected mode.

But ... the VoxForge? SpeechSubmission applet does not try to get the absolute path of a file ... need to loook into ths further

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