Ticket #418 (new enhancement)

Opened 14 years ago

Automatic trimming (beginning or end) of submissions to reduce length and remove noise

Reported by: kmaclean Owned by: kmaclean
Priority: major Milestone: Acoustic Model 0.1.2
Component: Acoustic Model Version: Acoustic Model 0.1.1
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some audio (especially VoxForgeIVR submissions) has clicks of pops at the end (usually) and sometimes at the beginning... need some way to flag a submission that has this problem and trim 1/4 second off the beginning and end of a recording.

In addition, some submissions (especially VoxForgeIVR) have to much silence at the beginning and end of the recording, need to trim this excess silence off -since with WAV format, this silence takes up space (likely not so much and issue with FLAC)

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