Ticket #438 (new enhancement)

Opened 14 years ago

SpeechSubmission app needs some way to detect Speech cut-offs

Reported by: kmaclean Owned by: kmaclean
Priority: critical Milestone: SpeechSubmission 0.1.7
Component: SpeechSubmission Version: SpeechSubmission0.1.6
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A big problem with speech submissions is when a user records a prompt, but starts speaking before the app starts recording (seems to be more of a lag with Java on Linux, than with Java on Windows...) or cut themselves off before they are finished speaking.

User starting to speak before the app is ready

  • Need some sort of visual cue that the app is ready to record because of the delay from when the user presses record and when it actually starts recording. Maybe a "recording" icon that only lights up when the app is ready to record.
  • Also need a way to indicate to the user that the app only started recording in mid-sentence. Silence detection at the beginning of the recording could do this, and if sound is detected (and therefor no silence) at the immediate beginning of the recording, make the user re-do the recording before they can proceed.

User cutting themselves off at the end of a recording

  • Need to be able to monitor the signal strength in a recording and only turn off the mic after a predetermine length of silence has been detected (or have it delay the actual stop for half a second...).

These two changes would save a lot of headache at the backend when validating speech in a submission.

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