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full triphone list

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from tpvelka's post:

[...] Second, the creation of a full triphone list by HDMan must be done every time new triphones appear in testing data and does not work for cross-word triphones (these are used e.g. in HDecode). My solution for this is simply to synthesize all possible triphones. With the monophone set used by VoxForge? acoustic models there is a total of 81315 triphones which translates to about 3.5MB of extra space for the HMM definitions (text form).

A full triphone list can be generated by the script full_list.prl which can be found in the directory samples/RMHTK/perl_scripts which comes with the HTK distribution.

The full triphone HMM generation can be done using HHEd:

Assume the all-triphone list is stored in file xwrd_full_list these are the commands to go into the script file (let's call it synthesize.hed):

LT "trees"

AU "xwrd_full_list"

CO "xwrdtiedlist"

HHEd is run wiht the following parameters:

HHed -T 1 -H hmmdefs -H macros -M hmm_synthesized synthesize.hed tiedlist

where hmm_synthesized is the directory to store the new files.

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