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From tpvelka's post:

I have checked the tutorials and they are more extensive than I thought. Pretty much everything important is there. Some of the information is out of date due to new versions of HTK/Julius but this can be fixed. The hard part is keeping it consistent because the tutorials are aimed at speech that someone can record by themselves. In that case doing the LVCSR stuff (HDecode, cross-word triphones) is useless, because one person is not very likely to record enough data for that.

use the comments on the tutorial pages for tips & tricks

One idea I have come up with is to use the comments on the tutorial pages for tips & tricks (such as the one about generating all possible triphones for testing), like it is done e.g. in the PHP manual pages. Right now many of the comments there are people asking for help which is, in my oppinion in the wrong place. If someone wants help he usually needs the answer ASAP so it is desirable for as many people as possible to see it. For this reason I think requests for help should only be posted to forums because not that many people regularly visit the tutorial pages. The question is how to force them to do so.

Another kinds of posts are errors in the tutorial pages, I thing these should be moved/hidden once the errors are resolved, so that the tips & tricks are at the top of the comments which is the part people read the most. The isses that come out due to new versions of HTK tools can also be posted in the tips & tricks part.

improve navigation

One more thing that could improve navigation would be to make a table of contents for all the tutorial pages (with the steps described in full, not just "step 1", "step 2" etc. as is done in the sidebar for the lack of space). Maybe post a link to this from each of the tutorial pages.

I know that since you are migrating to Drupal, the page's organization might change so these are just ideas about what could be done.

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