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Error in Step 10 instructions

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from zorzal's post :

I believe the instructions regarding the use of HDMan to generate "fulllist" are inconsistent with those given in HTKBook, as pointed out by Imene.

According to HTKBook p40, what is needed is "a new list of triphones expanded to include all those needed for recognition.This can be generated, for example, by using HDMan on the entire dictionary (not just the training dictionary)."

The VoxForge instructions however just collate a complete list of monophones with the list of triphones extracted from the training data.

To fix this, all that is needed is to append the "TC" instruction to the global.ded file, then proceed with HDMan. (After that, the resulting fulllist file should be merged with the triphones extracted from the training transcriptions, followed by running fixfulllist.pl etc)
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