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Free Audio File Storage Options

  • Wuala - decentralized storage
  • review:
    • - Free for 25GB, 1GB transfer/mo., max file size 10MB
    • esnips - Free, includes 1GB storage
    • DropBox - Free, includes 1GB storage, with a max file size of 50MB. No maximum transfer amount specified
    • - Free for up to 1GB storage, max file size 10MB, 10GB transfer/mo
    • OmniDrive - Free for 1GB of storage, 5GB of bandwidth unlimited file size API access;
    • openomy - Free with 1GB and 10GB bandwidth.
    • sites used by LibriVox:
      • yousendit files up to 100MB, holds files for 7 days
      • dropload files up to 100MB, holds files for 7 days
      • gigasize files up to 1GB, holds files for 45 days - no registration required
      • mailbigfile files up to 512MB, holds files for 5 days - no registration required
      • mediafire unlimited file size, no time limit - no registration required


  • Gmail File Space - essentially a small FTP/File Manager that enables you to use your Gmail account as an online storage area for files

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